Topic: ERROR: Binary converter 'SVGTBINENCODE.exe' not found, stop!

every time i try to build my project, i get message "ERROR: Binary converter 'SVGTBINENCODE.exe' not found, stop!".
can't understand why that happens as i have copied SVGTBINENCODE.exe to almost every directory imaginable (including project and swf2go directories, c:\windows\ and such).
is it being searched from some specific folder or what?

my symbian sdk is 9.3 3rd FP2 beta 4
and i am using swf2go

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Re: ERROR: Binary converter 'SVGTBINENCODE.exe' not found, stop!


It seems you are using incorrect version of S60 SDK. You only need S60 3rd Edition 9.1 MR (Maintenance Release).

Download it from the link on SWF2Go website, and select the MR SDK in SWF2Go Options, and try again.


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