Topic: SIS certificate error during install..

Hi, i write for the problem of symbian certificate...i have to sign a simple application that not require some particular API, infact the application make only simple web call via http to fill a grid and write some local data in a shared object on the device(user and password to use app). I sign the application with your certificate and generate a file .sis . When i try to install, after some default questions, i have a message that sound like this "error in the certificate. contact the manufacter".
I compile also another app (that have the same functionality....) and the sis work good...
which is the problem?
I have also Pubblisher ID but i don't want use a developer certificate joined to a specific IMEI..

Can you help me??


Re: SIS certificate error during install..

Hi Max,

You need to make sure the following:

  • You are using correct UID, for Self-Signed SIS (SWF2Go's testing certificate) you need to have the application with UID starting with 0xE for testing, or for final distribution, starting with 0xA. Read the SWF2Go User Guide for more on correct UID.

  • The certificate is not expired. To check this, just double-click the .cer file you are using. For SWF2Go certificate, navigate to C:\SWF2Go\Templates\DemoCert.cer and check the validity.
    Test certificate which comes with SWF2Go 2.x is valid until 2018.


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Re: SIS certificate error during install..

Hi, thank for the fast answer...
i have to resolve this problem ... i verify your suggest and i have this:

Application Name (long and short) = Mediatoone
Application UID = 0xEC2F5A8E
Versione = 01,20,00
Staging = path/of/main.swf (and other resource such 3 image .png and an 1 .xml file)
Icon = path/of/icon.svg

install Path = !:\system\apps\<UID>\


Only Autosign SIS checked

certificate for signin = default setting of swf (...from template folder) password MyLogic (the certificate expire in 2018)

I compile this config but the file .sis isn't installable on device (nokia E71)...

I can send you also the source for a test...i'm in a very difficult situation

I use SWF2GO 2.5 Pro

Re: SIS certificate error during install..


Please send the sources and also your SIS file in ZIP format at

I will take a look and suggest you how to fix it.

Best regards,

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Re: SIS certificate error during install..

i don't know what is happened but now is working...
i try again and  if i'll have problem i will send u a zip file with all contents that are no working..


Re: SIS certificate error during install..

Hello Max,

Glad to know that it's working now. Certificate error is shown when the SIS is not signed. Maybe you were trying to install non-signed SIS.

If you encounter any other issue you can post it here and I will be glad to help you out with it.


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