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Flash Lite + PyS60 sample application "Be My Lips"

Modified on Wednesday, 19 November 2008 14:21 by chall3ng3r Categorized as Flash Lite, PyS60, Samples

Be My Lips - And let all the talking to your phone. This application allows you to type any text on your S60 phone and let the phone say it for you.



This application demonstrate communication between Adobe Flash Lite and Python for S60, and how developers can make rich, powerful and engaging applications.

This application also showcase how Flash Lite and Python for S60 applications can be packaged using latest version of SWF2Go for commercial distribution and seamless user experience.

On this page under download section, you will find Symbian SIS files made with SWF2Go which can be installed and run on any Symbian S60 3rd Edition device as well as full source code of the application.



The application is for S60 3rd Edition devices only with Flash Lite 2 or later. You will need Python for S60 runtime to make this application work. You can download Python for S60 from this page and install it before application, or you can download and install the application SIS file with embedded Python for S60 runtime.

This application SIS file is self-signed, you will need to set your phone's Software installation settings to All to install it.

Due to security restrictions in Flash Lite 3.0, the application installs itself into "c:\Data\Others\Trusted\BeMyLips" folder.


How It Works

The application have two parts, Flash Lite based GUI and PyS60 based background server. Flash Lite part allows user interaction, and when Say button is pressed, it passes the data to PyS60 based mini-HTTP server running in the background.

The server parses the data, and using the TTS (Text To Speach) API available in PyS60 says the text passed by GUI.

SWF2Go v2 is used to make the launcher and SIS files with different configurations. After installation, when application is started, first PyS60 script is started in separate process in background and later Flash Lite application is started.

Post any feedback or questions in SWF2Go PyS60 forums.


Using The Application

Using the application is quite simple. Just start the application, press up/down key to set the focus on text field or just press Say. The phone will say the text in text field and set the input field active again for you to quickly type your next message.



Below are Symbian SIS files created in different configurations to showcase SWF2Go features.


Python for S60



Below is the source files for this application. Python script is located in "staging" folder.


Application Screenshots

Main application Input your message Shutdown PyS60 server before exit Debugging HTTP server from PyS60 shell


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